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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Why does eLearning need a shift to digital learning? | Logicearth

Photo: Fiona Quigley 
Fiona Quigley has worked in organisational learning and development since the mid-1990s in variety of training delivery, creative design and management roles says, "I'll start with a story."
Photo: Logicearth

We had a team day in Dublin last week - six of us travelled from Belfast to Dublin in two cars. One car arrived well ahead of the others, was 30 minutes early and was waiting for the others to join in.

The other car was, let's just say, a little late! 

What was the difference between the two cars? Guess??

The difference - the driver's age! Now you might say I'm being agesist, but bear with me. The younger driver planned the journey a little differently. That is, they didn't really plan at all. When I asked afterwards why they didn't plan, they just said:

"Well, anytime I've travelled before I've just used my Apps and the web to figure it out as I go".

So there you have it. This generation, and increasingly, many of us, are relying upon being served the exact digital content when we need it. What happened in this case to make this normally reliable strategy not work quite as well - it was the fact that the location we were going to had multiple locations in Dublin. Sometimes a little tech savvy and experience of age is a better winning combination!

Whether it is the lunch deals offered by nearby restaurants, a cheat word for scrabble or an online course to learn a new technical skill - technology has brought a tremendous shift in the way we seek, learn, retain and consume information. Similarly, based on these changing patterns it has brought an incredible shift in the form, types, nature and genres of digital content.

From eLearning to digital learning - this is why 
And in case you didn't notice, technology has revolutionised eLearning so much that we now call it digital learning!

Our range of smart, automated and instant mediums of learning is a game changer for all of us who support corporate learning and development. The type and magnitude of technologies, applications, and devices for eLearning has doubled during the past five years. It has also empowered people to adopt a self-managed learning approach and become their own educator and mentor - on a scale never seen before, because it is now easier!

Around 82% - 85% of the people engaged in some form of learning are managing their own personal development, learning new skills, enhancing their acumen and knowledge base and are managing it all on their own, at their own pace and as per their own needs, convenience and feasibility.

This is a sure-tell sign that the ordinary learners of today have become more empowered than ever in the present age. They know their needs and weakness and have less ambiguities about what skills, knowledge, and expertise they need to learn to pave their way up the career ladder, seek professional growth and gain a cutting edge over their peers and associates.

In a recent article from Bersin (March 2017), there is a useful insight into how digital learning has positively disrupted how we all learn:

Digital learning = the way eLearning should have been 
So if we know that digital learning is the new, improved eLearning what steps can we take to make sure we always produce great digital content? 

Here are seven tips to get you started.  
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Photo: Logicearth

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