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Saturday, May 12, 2018

How to Overcome 10 Digital Learning Challenges | The Tech Edvocate (press release) (blog)

"Digital learning is becoming almost commonplace in classrooms across America; however, you will still come across opposition. While studies suggest digital learning is changing education for the better, it does not mean that digital learning is without problems" reports Matthew Lynch, Author at The Edvocate.

Photo: The Tech Edvocate

Ask any teacher who has ever attempted to use technology or digital resources in his or her classroom, and you will be told about a time when technology let them down.

And, yet, even with the digital learning challenges teachers face, most are willing to deal with them to make their classroom a digital learning environment. Today, let’s take some time to look at some of the more common digital learning challenges and discuss ways to overcome them.

Source: The Tech Edvocate (press release) (blog)