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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Suggested Books of the Week 21, 2018

Check out these books below by Cambridge University Press, TradePub and Ancient Origins.

Understanding Maple

Understanding Maple
Maple is a powerful symbolic computation system that is widely used in universities around the world. This short introduction gives readers an insight into the rules that control how the system works, and how to understand, fix, and avoid common problems. Topics covered include algebra, calculus, linear algebra, graphics, programming, and procedures...

Many concepts which are absent from introductory books and manuals are described in detail. With this book, students, teachers and researchers will gain a solid understanding of Maple and how to use it to solve complex mathematical problems in a simple and efficient way.
  • Takes a programmatic approach to solving mathematical problems using Maple
  • Provides Maple worksheets which can be downloaded from the author's website
  • Highlights the importance of the evaluation rules, helping readers to avoid common pitfalls when using Maple

The Making of Friedrich Nietzsche: The Quest for Identity, 1844-1869

The Making of Friedrich Nietzsche:
The Quest for Identity, 1844-1869
How did Nietzsche the philosopher come into being? The Nietzsche known today did not develop 'naturally', through the gradual maturation of some inborn character. Instead, from an early age he engaged in a self-conscious campaign to follow his own guidance, thereby cultivating the critical capacities and personal vision which figure in his books...

It will be essential reading for all who are interested in Nietzsche.
  • The first English-language biography of Nietzsche to make use of German-language scholarship
  • Radically reconceives Nietzsche's youth, recontextualising his early essays
  • Investigates the importance of autobiography in Nietzsche's youth
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The Letters of Ernest Hemingway

The Letters of Ernest Hemingway:
Volume 4, 1929-1931
The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Volume 4, spanning April 1929 through 1931, featuring many previously unpublished letters, records the establishment of Ernest Hemingway as an author of international renown following the publication of A Farewell to Arms. Breaking new artistic ground in 1930, Hemingway embarks upon his first and greatest non-fiction work, his treatise on bullfighting, Death in the Afternoon. Hemingway, now a professional writer, demonstrates a growing awareness of the literary marketplace, successfully negotiating with publishers and agents and responding to fan mail...

Despite suffering injuries to his writing arm in a car accident in November 1930, Hemingway writes and dictates an avalanche of letters that record in colorful and eloquent prose the eventful life and achievements of an enormous personality.

  • This volume covers key professional developments in Hemingway's career, notably the publication of A Farewell to Arms, the work that catapults him to international fame
  • Includes letters to other famous figures of twentieth-century literature including F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Dos Passos
  • The letters are accompanied by notes, detailed introduction, chronologies, illustrations and indexes
  •

    "Online Meeting Guide: Software and Strategies"

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    Modern videoconferencing services are easy to use, and available to nearly anyone with a computer or Smartphone.  The ability to connect and meet with people online means we’re no longer limited by geographical location. Furthermore, countless websites provide us with a wide variety of tools and resources for conducting meetings, planning and executing projects, and reducing the amount of printed paper traditionally needed to get things done.
    The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to many of the popularly used, free, or relatively inexpensive, online resources and tools for holding meetings online and working collaboratively on projects, reports, presentations, documents, and the like... 

    "5 Top Tips for Creating a Stand-Out Candidate Experience"

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    Did that statistic make you cringe? Do you know that your company’s own careers page could use a pretty significant makeover?
    Listen, we know that sprucing up your careers page can seem like an overwhelming task. So, we’re breaking it all down for you. Our guide shares five simple tips to create a stand-out careers page that catches the eye of the top-notch talent you most want to attract...

    Matriarchy and the Goddess Culture (Time Maps Book 4) 

    Matriarchy and the Goddess Culture
    (Time Maps) (Volume 4)
    What happened when women ruled the world?
    There are many questions about the Old Culture - a culture even before history was written. Whatever happened to the Great Goddess? When did patriarchy start? How did women become objectified?...

    Written with a Mathematician’s precision and a Historian’s curiosity, Time Maps covers over millennia worth of developments & impacts of civilizations, migrations, leaders and continents. Illuminating concepts of societies, dynasties, heroes, kings and eras through incisive and thorough research, looking at ideas, theories & world views with a sense of wonder and delight. 
    The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind

    The Mayan Code:
    Time Acceleration and
    Awakening the World Mind
    Bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow shows how the Mayan Calendar is a bridge to galactic wisdom that fosters personal growth and human evolution
    • Unearths the meaning behind the calendar, its message for modern civilization, and what will happen after the calendar ends
    • Reveals how time acceleration is a manifestation of the acceleration of consciousness
    • By the author of The Pleiadian Agenda
    The Mayan Code is a deep exploration of how, with the end of the Mayan Calendar, time and consciousness are accelerating, giving us a new understanding of the universe. Using Carl Johan Calleman’s research, as well as the ideas of other Mayan Calendar scholars, Barbara Hand Clow examines 16.4 billion years of evolution to decode the creative patterns of Earth--the World Mind. These great patterns culminate in 2011, and then during 2012 and beyond major astrological influences will inspire us to attain oneness and enlightenment.

    The Mayan Code shows how the time cycles of the Calendar match important periods in the evolutionary data banks of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy. 
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    Source: Cambridge University Press, TradePub and Ancient Origins