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Thursday, November 22, 2018

6 Tips for How to Build an Online College Degree from Scratch #DLNchat | Postsecondary Learning - EdSurge

Michael Sano, Higher Education Community Manager at EdSurge summarizes, Last week the #DLNchat community gathered for a thought experiment around this question: If you could design an online college degree from scratch, how would you do it? 

Photo: EdSurge

Faculty, instructional designers, administrators and entrepreneurs shared their thoughts—from first steps to long-term sustainability. The discussion is outlined below but it’s not too late to share your own ideas, just tweet them with the hashtag #DLNchat...

Got questions for the #DLNchat community? Or want to share your ideas for a building an online program? Tweet our community with the hashtag #DLNchat! You can also RSVP for our next chat: How Can Higher Education Build a Lasting Culture of Innovation? on Tuesday, December 11 at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET. For more topics, check out our summaries of past chats. #DLNchat is co-hosted by the Online Learning Consortium, WCET, Tyton Partners and EDUCAUSE.

Source: EdSurge