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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Education and learning have changed significantly over the last thirty years | Technology / Media - Market Business News

Since the advent of the Internet and other technology, education and learning have changed significantly. The Internet has impacted every aspect of our lives, including education, explains Veronica Cruz, native English and Spanish speaker.

Education and learning are very different today compared to medieval times.
Photo: Market Business News 
University classrooms do not look that different today compared to thirty or forty years ago. However, you might find that students today are looking at their smartphones, tablets, and laptops instead of books and notepads.

Technology has changed access to education
Today, even if you live in a remote area, as long as you can get online, you have access to education. This was not the case for most of the twentieth century. If you lived more than a 2-hour commute from a school or college, you simply could not study.

Students today can go online and even get help from a college homework helper to assist in their assignments. Whether these services are good for education is a matter of opinion. A manager of a department, for example, when having to prepare a report, will get his or her team members to prepare the material. Lawyers, politicians, and accountants do the same. However, surgeons need to have hands-on experience, skills, and knowledge.

Today vs. medieval times Contrasting education today and in medieval times, Purdue University writes:
“In medieval times, books were rare, and only an elite few had access to educational opportunities. Individuals had to travel to centers of learning to get an education.”...

What do teachers and professors think? Approximately one-third of all academic leaders believe that online learning is inferior to face-to-face instruction. says the following regarding online learning:

“Even with online learning being as widespread as it is, however, as many as one in three academic leaders consider it to be inferior to face-to-face instruction.”

“As these online-trained students continue to enter the workforce, time will tell whether internet education can compete with traditional learning models.”

Source: Market Business News