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Monday, November 26, 2018

A broader talent management game: Embracing new-age performance philosophies | HR Technology - People Matters

In order to ensure that the right talent is retained and engaged, the most relevant performance management framework is crucial. Here’s the why and how for adopting new-age performance philosophies, says Prarthana Ghosh,
Senior Content Associate at People Matters.

Photo: People Matters

The talent management landscape has been growing and changing radically , and retaining talent has not been getting any easier. It is only natural then, that performance management systems have been undergoing a renaissance in terms of concept, functionality and business relevance.         

In the past couple of years, various Fortune 500 companies like GE, Adobe, Cisco, Accenture have moved away from their traditional annual performance management process which was perceived as demotivating, bureaucratic and ineffective. And ever since, more and more companies are adopting new-age approaches to champion the performance management process. Hence, there lies a need to adapt to and adopt powerful, evolved, new age performance tools that are based on the latest work philosophies in order to leverage on and nurture the potential of the workforce today.

Why change? 
There is a need to transform the human-technology interface by creating enterprise platforms that can keep up with the experience provided by other consumer-class platforms and interfaces that we use everyday...

The (b)onus of new-age performance management 
Performance management, being a critical requisite in any successful organization needs to be a democratic process that facilitates transparency and continuous dialogue. But while the right performance management system come with a big bag of bonuses, whose onus is it to make the shift toward these new-age philosophies that are proving their worth across sectors? To enable greater engagement and more individual involvement, these new systems need to be true, objective and always backed data ensuring fairness and transparency. With most companies being in the grip of digitalization in every aspect of business function, sharing the evolution process might ease the path ahead. With that thought in mind, here’s a peek into the new-age performance philosophies and tools that have helped Darwinbox’s clients meet and exceed their talent needs and growth aspirations.
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Source: People Matters