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Sunday, November 10, 2019

13 best Asian American children's and young adult books 2019 | Asian America - NBC News

The list includes a retelling of 'Little Women,' a story set amid Kuala Lumpur's 1969 riots, and an illustrated biography of Disney's first Asian American animator by Lakshmi Gandhi, Freelance reporter and Social Media Manager at NBC News

Asian American books for children and young adults to read in 2019
Recent years have seen an onslaught of books featuring both diverse characters and diverse experiences, including from and about an Asian American lens.
For parents eager to raise a young reader, filling your home with books your child can connect to is essential.

“You want books all throughout your house — not just that one shelf in the living room, but the dining room, the bathroom, [and so on],” Maria Russo, co-author of “How To Raise a Reader,” told NBC News in October. She discussed how to build and nurture your child's love of literature.

For Russo, the most important thing parents of readers can do is make sure reading is seen as accessible and fun. “Having a lot of books in your own house and creating an environment where books are nearby that they can stumble on sets a family culture [of reading],” she said...

As we approach the end of the year, we’re looking back at some of the best children’s and young adult books to be released in 2019 by and about Asian Americans. From the illustrated story of a Disney legend who was instrumental in creating “Bambi” to an award-nominated young adult novel about a Filipino American teen caught between two worlds, here are some books to consider placing on your bookshelves this winter.

Source: NBC News