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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Suggested Books Today | Books - Helge Scherlund's eLearning News

Check out these books below by Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press.

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Human-Robot Interaction - An Introduction  

Human-Robot Interaction
An Introduction
The role of robots in society keeps expanding and diversifying, bringing with it a host of issues surrounding the relationship between robots and humans. This introduction to human–robot interaction (HRI), written by leading researchers in this developing field, is the first to provide a broad overview of the multidisciplinary topics central to modern HRI research...

Self-contained chapters discuss a wide range of topics, including the different communication modalities such as speech and language, non-verbal communication and the processing of emotions, as well as ethical issues around the application of robots today and in the context of our future society.
  • Minimal prerequisites and modular presentation enable courses to be tailored to fit students with different backgrounds
  • Discussion questions and relevant literature at the end of each chapter contribute to deeper conversations in and outside the classroom
  • Over ninety color illustrations showcase the history and most recent developments in human–robot interaction
Publication planned for: April 2020
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Primary Mathematics - Integrating Theory with Practice 

Primary Mathematics
Integrating Theory with Practice
Primary Mathematics: Integrating Theory with Practice provides a comprehensive introduction to teaching and learning mathematics in today's classrooms...

Each chapter highlights how the theory of teaching mathematics can be put into practice effectively and includes new guided reflective questions and student tasks. Written by an expert author team, Primary Mathematics remains an essential resource that will prepare and excite pre-service teachers for their future as mathematics educators.
  • Comprehensive coverage of topics, including the core learning areas of measurement, space and geometry, early number concepts, data and statistics, chance and probability, and patterns and algebra
  • Three new chapters on general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities, STEM in the primary setting, and becoming a teacher of mathematics
  • New guided reflective tasks included in each chapter, in addition to key term definitions, snapshot case studies and reflection points, and activities to help students put their knowledge into practice
Publication planned for: November 2019
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How to do your Social Research Project or Dissertation 

How to do your
Social Research Project or Dissertation
For final-year social science undergraduates, 'How to do your Social Research Project or Dissertation' is the most student-led guide to confidently navigate the research process. It shares real student and supervisor experiences to help motivate you; provides advice for efficient time management; and tracks your progress through focused checklists.
  • A straight-talking approach, and an easy-to-navigate structure, makes this book ideal for busy final-year social science undergraduates looking for focused and efficient guidance on completing their dissertation or research project
  • The only book to include tips from real supervisors in the 'Working with your supervisor' feature, to help you get the most of your supervisor meetings, as well as advice from other students going through the process with the 'I wish I'd known...' feature, to help you avoid making the same mistakes!
  • Focuses on practical advice to prepare you for the realities of doing a research project: the book tells you what you need to know, what you need to think about, and what you need to do
October 2019

Trigonometry: A Very Short Introduction 

A Very Short Introduction
Born of the desire to understand the workings of motions of the heavenly bodies, trigonometry gave the ancient Greeks the ability to predict their futures. Most of what we see of the subject in school comes from these heavenly origins; 15th century astronomer Regiomontanus called it "the foot of the ladder to the stars."

In this Very Short Introduction Glen Van Brummelen shows how trigonometry connects mathematics to science, and has today become an indispensable tool in predicting cyclic patterns like animal populations and ocean tides. 

January 2020 
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Source: Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press