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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Computerworld Denmark News - The One Laptop Per Child Project

Experts Test XO Laptop -- And the Kids Love It

The product of the One Laptop per Child project gets thumbs up from a focus group of its target users.
By Nicolai Devantier, Computerworld Denmark
Computerworld Denmark invited a group of true experts to evaluate the One Laptop per Child XO-laptop. Read their judgments on one of the world's biggest IT-teaching projects.
Negropontes' people's PC is solely aimed at schoolchildren and if they give it thumbs down the large-scale project won't succeed -- no matter what kind of conclusions experts and theoretical thinkers can come up with.
The true and honest judgment has to come from the kid's.

Cheap Kids' Laptop: 'Ultimate Learning Tool'

The One Laptop Per Child Project, placing technology with developing nations, could revolutionize education.
By Rune Pedersen, Computerworld Denmark
If the One Laptop Project keeps its promises, the small green US$100 laptop could very well revolutionize teaching in developing nations. Computerworld Denmark asked Jan Soelberg, an expert from the school of education at the University of Aarhus, to try the computer.
The hyped One Laptop per Child project at
MIT could potentially be a revolutionary tool for education in developing nations, said Soelberg after he tested the PC at Computerworld's office.
"It's one of the potentially most interesting contributions in the effort to equalize some of the differences we face in the world today," said Soelberg.

Source: PC World