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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mobile phones revolutionizing education in Africa

In parts of Africa where traditional classroom education is inaccessible, people have taken education into their own hands by utilizing mobile phones and laptops. This innovative way of garnering information, known as eLearning, provides great potential to expand education.

Photo: Ken Banks, Attribution License

“Interest in technology-supported learning is constantly increasing in Africa,” Rebecca Stromeyer, managing director of International Conferences, Workshops and Exhibitions (ICWE), told MediaGlobal. “eLearning supports lifelong learning, providing access to a global knowledge base and facilitating cooperation and information-sharing.”

ICWE is involved with eLearning Africa (ELA), which will hold its fifth annual conference in the Zambian city of Lusaka. The conference discusses technology-enhanced learning across the continent with a range of informative and innovative sessions held between 26 to 28 May.
Utilizing mobile phones for informal learning will be the focus of a seminar at ELA titled African Digital Diaries lead by Adam Salkeld and Stephen Haggard.
Salkeld and Haggard’s session spotlights success stories through informal and incidental eLearning.

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Source: MediaGlobal