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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Now Everyone Can Go To University

"Gone are the days when people had a good reason to lament on the lack of opportunities to continue with tertiary education.
The common reasons for not being able to get into an institution of higher learning are lack of fund, time and qualification.
But today, the Open University of Malaysia (OUM) has addressed all these stumbling blocks by introducing the "The Four Flexes", making university education accessible for all." writes Sakina Mohamed.

OUM has made it possible for anyone to obtain a degree at their own pace, using their own preferred method of learning and even paying the fees in instalments. And it doesn't matter if the only paper qualification you have is a SRP certificate.
Repin Ibrahim, the university's Vice President of Business Development and Human Resources Management talks to Bernama on the efforts to live up to their tagline, "The University For All"
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