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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Technology brings education to you wherever you may be

"Many schools present an assortment of delivery modes, such as full-time, part-time, modular and distance learning programmes. No so long ago, the very notion of a distance learning MBA would be regarded with disdain, the chief argument being that it lacks face-to-face contact.
But as technology has progressed, so too are those perceptions shifting rapidly.", Erica Webster
, Times Live reports.

Someone with first-hand experience in this is Ray Irving, head of learning and resources development at Warwick Business School in the UK.
"When I started working with the Warwick distance learning MBA 12 years ago, we would have to inquire whether students had access to things like an e-mail address, a CD-ROM drive and whether they were able to install a browser on their computers.
"Now we can stream lectures live over the Internet to students across the world. They can simply log in via their web browser and watch the lecture. Not only that, but they can participate in the lecture, either via voice or text chat."

About Ray Irwing

Ray holds a first degree in Information Studies and an MBA from the Open University. Working in the field of online teaching and learning at one of Europe's leading business schools, Warwick Business School (WBS), Ray has developed e-learning resources used by MBA students across the globe. On a consultancy basis, Ray has applied this process of e-learning to in-house programmes for business improvement and personal development.
Initially employed at the Chartered Management Institute (the UK's largest professional organisation for managers) as an Information Researcher, Ray helped develop the Institute's initial Internet presence and first electronic publications. Ray's written work appears in a number of published management books, covering the areas of knowledge management, strategy, Intranets, relationship marketing and flexible working.

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Source: Times LIVE

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