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Thursday, December 30, 2010

eLearning Papers n° 22 (2010) Published

Please have a look at this issue of eLearning Papers.

Training and Work
Dietmar Albrecht and Tapio Koskinen writes, "According to some estimates, more than 80% of all learning occurs on the job rather than in tertiary and post-tertiary education. In order to stay relevant and contribute to the human capital of future workers, learning will need to be tightly incorporated in work processes and become an integral part of workers’ and managers’ everyday activities. The same applies to (on-the-job) teaching and instructing, which is increasingly becoming an integral part of subject matter experts’ job descriptions in many companies. As a consequence, knowledge workers are not only on the demand side of on-the-job learning scenarios. They participate in the development of content and often in its delivery as well. This brings new challenges to the integration of learning and work."

Promoting the learning mobility of future workers: experiments with virtual placements in university-business arrangements
By Cornelis Adrianus (Kees-Jan) van Dorp, Alfonso Herrero de Egaña Espinosa de los Monteros , Sirje Virkus, Angelique Lansu, Maria Kocsis Baán.

Supportive systems for continuous and online professional development
By Nils Ove Lennart Jobring, Ingemar Svensson.

The pros and cons of e-portfolios in pre-service teacher training
By Sirin Soyoz.

How to promote social media uptake in VET and adult training systems in Europe – practical example of the “SVEA” European project
By Petra Newrly, Tony Toole, Simona Pede.

Download eLearning Papers n° 22. (PDF)