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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Six Trends That Will Change Workplace Learning Forever by Paula Ketter

T+D looks at changes to the workplace, the competencies for leadership development, and technologies will alter the way learning professionals approach training design and delivery.

Change can be scary. If you agree, then 2010 has been a “scary” year. Along with the challenges of the economic recession, social media tools exploded onto the scene, five generations in the workforce created a whole new workforce dynamic, and talent retention and engagement concerns became everyday issues.

The workplace culture changed, as did the landscape of learning.
T+D examines some of the major issues that affected employees, organizations, and the world of learning

Ready or not…
This new workplace, and the new competencies and expectations that are a part of it, will not wait for executives or organizations to embrace it. This change is happening quickly, whether organizations are ready for it or not.

So it is now time for learning professionals to adapt to these changes; create new strategies for learning, employee development, and engagement; and find their place in this new workplace structure.

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Source: T+D