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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mobile phones ringing in revolution in e-learning by Ramesh Mathew

The roles being played by communication tools, in particular mobile phones, in imparting learning lessons to communities across the world were highlighted by speakers at a session on “education through mobile devices” held as part of the World Innovation Summit on Education (WISE) yesterday.

David Prosser speaks at a session on 
"Education through mobile devices."
Photo: Gulf Times
Recounting their experiences on how mobile phones have revolutionised lives of people in different parts of the world, each of the four panellists said the communities that they served stood to gain considerably from the mobile e-learning programmes in which they were involved in their respective territories.

The session moderated by Director of Research and development of the Cambridge Foundation (UK) Dan Buckley featured, among others, former prime minister of Finland and executive vice-president (Corporate Relations and Responsibility) of Nokia Corporation Esko Aho, and head of programmes for Asia of the BBC World Service Trust (UK) David Prosser.

A manager at Nairobi’s iHub, which is acknowledged as Kenya’s Innovation Hub, Colaco said the Mobile Boot camps held in her country helped create an innovative culture among the country’s youth, especially the university students and more than 500 active trainers have emerged as a result of the camps.

M-Pesa, an educational programme launched in 2007, has so far attracted more than 11.5mn people, or roughly 30% of the Kenyan population. Through the programme, money transfer service is provided to the people in and outside Kenya, said the speaker.