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Saturday, September 17, 2011

How the internet can keep older generation young by Rachael Misstear

IT started off in a tiny Welsh village as a homespun idea encouraging grandparents to learn and engage with their grandchildren on the internet.

But the concept dreamt up by grandmothers Valerie Wood-Gaiger and Carroll Nummerley, from Myddfai, in Carmarthenshire, is about to be launched in several European and African countries.

Photo: Learn with Grandma

The idea behind Learn with Grandma is that grandparents can connect with their extended families, and with the wider community, if they use communication networks on the internet.
As well as receiving international recognition and becoming the subject of Facebook pages across the world, the project has won 16 EU partners and won two rounds of European funding totalling 40,000.

“Getting to grips with technology can help you age well, have fun and get more involved with your family, ” said Mrs Wood-Gaiger.
The Learn with Grandma web site is at

Source: WalesOnline