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Monday, September 26, 2011

Transition launches new Lectora training courses to transform e-learning newcomers into proficient developers

Transition, a leading provider of e-learning products, services and solutions, is launching a new Lectora training course - designed to enable organisations to develop their own e-learning in-house.

Photo: Transition

Transition is launching a Lectora training course, Lectora Fundamentals and Lectora Intermediate. The two-day course is aimed at newcomers to both Lectora and e-learning - students only need a basic understanding of Windows. The goal is to take learners 'from zero to hero' in just a couple of days. Those with a basic understanding of Lectora can attend the Intermediate course for one day, to hone their skills even further. 

Day 1: Learn the fundamentals

  • Lectora core concepts
    • Book Metaphor - how Lectora structures a course
    • Inheritance - save time by inheriting objects
    • Modes - preview a course in a variety of ways
  • Save time with wizards, tools and templates
    • Background and button wizard
    • Page numbering tool
    • Pre-designed templates
  • Working with Objects
    • Add text, images, buttons and other objects
  • Basic interactivity
    • Hyperlinks, rollovers and hotspots
    • Create tests with a range of question types
    • Multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false and more
    • Grade the test and send the results to an email, back-end database or learning management system
  • Publish a course to different formats
    • Run an error check and fix errors
    • Html, SCORM, CD, single file executable, CourseMill®

Day 2: Intermediate level

  • Create a custom template
    • Design your layout
    • Add your own branding and navigation
    • List your templates in Lectora's template wizard
  • Add more Interactivty
    • Modify variables within the title
    • Combining Actions and Variables
    • Glossary and pop ups
  • Navigation
    • Conditional Branching e.g. Pretests
    • Menus and Table of Contents
  • More wizards and tools
    • Create personalised Course Certificates
    • Translating courses
  • Simple Forms and Surveys
    • Course feedback page
  • Hints and Tips
    • Working efficiently
    • Organising content
    • Optimising performance
Transition also offers training courses in the CourseMill Learning Management System (LMS). CourseMill is a powerful LMS from Trivantis (the company which also created Lectora). Transition's course focuses on the latest version of CourseMill, allowing people to make the most of its new features and enhanced reporting - all of which are designed to help businesses refine their learning strategies.

About Transition

is an award-winning provider of Lectora and IBM Lotus e-learning products and services. Founded in 1996, the company's customers include ACCA, Baker Hughes, BT, EMCOR, HP, IBM, Rank Group and Royal & SunAlliance. Transition has won international e-learning awards in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2005. Based in Kent, Transition provides e-learning solutions worldwide.

Source: Training Press Releases