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Monday, August 04, 2014

eLearning Papers nº39 - Learning in cyber-physical worlds

Please have a look at this issue of eLearning Papers. 

eLearning Papers adds a new dimension to the exchange of information on open education, OER and ICT in education in Europe and stimulates research.
eLearning Papers issues include an editorial article, plus articles, interviews and/or reviews, and are usually published four or five times a year.

eLearning Papers nº39 Learning in cyber-physical worlds

Exploring the cyber-physical continuum in education

What lies in the space where the cyber world and physical world converge? A spectrum of blended augmented experiences and a fount of new opportunities for educational practice. 

The success of this projected convergence depends on the availability of affordable virtual reality hardware, such as wearable haptic and movement tracking devices, and the use of engaging instructional approaches such as experiential learning, gamification and problem-based learning.

This issue of eLearning Papers features a collection of articles that highlight these approaches and their potential for the development of better learning experiences.

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