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Friday, August 01, 2014

New Book: Culture and Online Learning Global Perspectives and Research

Culture and Online Learning edited by Insung Jung and Charlotte Nirmalani Gunawardena in the field of online learning, this text constitutes with a comprehensive comparative introduction to the role of culture in online education. It offers essential guidance for practitioners, researchers, instructors, and anyone working with online students from around the world. 

This groundbreaking book remedies a dearth of empirical research on how digital cultures and teaching and learning cultures intersect, and offers grounded theory and practical guidance on how to integrate cultural needs and sensibilities with the innovative opportunities offered by online learning.

This book provides a unique analysis of culture in online education from a global perspective, and offers:

  • An overview of the influences that culture has on teaching, online learning, and technology
  • Culture-sensitive instructional design strategies and teaching guidelines for online instructors and trainers
  • Facilitation and support strategies for online learners from different cultures
  • An overview on issues of design, development, communication, and support from a cross-cultural perspective
  • An overview of how online education is perceived, planned, implemented, and evaluated differently in various cultural contexts
Published on: 2014-07-30

About Insung Jung
Research interest: Quality assurance in distance education/e-learning
Dr. Insung Jung is currently Professor of Education, Media and Society at the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, Japan. Before joining ICU in 2003, she was an associate professor of the department of Educational Technology and served as the Director of the Multimedia Education Centre at the Ewha Women’s University in Seoul. From 1992 until 2000, she was on the faculty of the Korea
National Open University and conducted several large scale research projects in instructional design and technology (IDT) in distance education (DE).


About Charlotte Nirmalani Gunawardena
Dr. Charlotte “Lani” Gunawardena is Regents' Professor of Distance Education and Instructional Technology in the Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences (OI&LS) Program in the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Gunawardena received her Ph.D. and master's degrees from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, and her bachelor's degree from the University of Sri Lanka, Kelaniya.
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Source: Stylus Publishing

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