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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Blended Synchronous Learning Handbook - A Handbook for Educators

This Handbook is the main output of the Blended Synchronous Learning Project. 

It includes a Blended Synchronous Learning Design Framework that offers pedagogical, technological and logistical recommendations for teachers attempting to design and implement blended synchronous learning lessons (see Chapter 14). The Handbook also includes a Rich-Media Synchronous Technology Capabilities Framework to support the selection of technologies for different types of learning activities (see Chapter 4), as well as a review of relevant literature, a summary of the Blended Synchronous Learning Scoping Study results, detailed reports of each of the seven case studies, and a cross case analysis.

Another key output of the project is the Blended Synchronous Learning website (available at It contains video overviews of the case studies, a link to the Blended Synchronous Learning Collaborator Network, and other information about the project including the personnel, publications, and workshops associated with the initiative.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Chapter 2: Background Literature and Context
  • Chapter 3: The Blended Synchronous Learning Scoping Study
  • Chapter 4: Rich-Media Synchronous Learning Technology Capabilities
  • Chapter 5: Overview of Case Study Reports
  • Chapter 6: Case Study 1 – Web Conferencing to Develop Investment Understanding
  • Chapter 7: Case Study 2 – Room-based Video Conferencing to Develop Understanding of Healthcare Quality Improvement Approaches
  • Chapter 8: Case Study 3 – Web Conferencing to Support Microscopic Tissue Analysis
  • Chapter 9: Case Study 4 – Web Conferencing For Participation in Statistics Tutorials
  • Chapter 10: Case Study 5 – Virtual Worlds to Facilitate Chinese Language Learning
  • Chapter 11: Case Study 6 – Web Conferencing to Enable Presence in Sexology
  • Chapter 12: Case Study 7 – Virtual Worlds For Teacher Education
  • Chapter 13: Cross Case Analysis
  • Chapter 14: Recommendations and Future Direction
The Blended Synchronous Learning Handbook (PDF)

Source: Blended Synchronous Learning Project

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