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Saturday, January 07, 2017

10 Most Popular EDUCAUSE Review Articles of 2016 | EDUCAUSE Review Blog

Take a closer look at this list of the 10 most read ERO articles in 2016. Also included are the top 2 videos and blogs below.

Enjoy your reading! 

Top 10 IT Issues, 2016: Divest, Reinvest, and Differentiate    
By Susan Grajek and the 2015–2016 EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel

Personalized Learning: What It Really Is and Why It Really Matters
By Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill

The Promise of Virtual Reality in Higher Education
By Bryan Sinclair and Glenn Gunhouse

From Written to Digital: The New Literacy
By Phillip Ventimiglia and George Pullman

The Internet of Things: Riding the Wave in Higher Education
By Itai Asseo, Maggie Johnson, Bob Nilsson, Neti Chalapathy, and TJ Costello

10 Common Process Improvement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
By Joseph Drasin

Finding Our Voice: Instructional Designers in Higher Education
By Sandra Miller and Gayle Stein

New Challenges to Active Learning Initiatives
By James Juergensen, Tina Oestreich, Brian Yuhnke, and Michael Kenney

The Internet of Things Is Here
By Florence Hudson

Credentials Reform: How Technology and the Changing Needs of the Workforce Will Create the Higher Education System of the Future
By Jamie Merisotis

Popular Videos and Blogs

Video: What Is Personalized Learning?
By Gerry Bayne and Gregory Dobbin

Video: 3 Ways Virtual Reality Can Enhance Learning
By Emory Craig and Maya Georgieva

Blog: $47,000 May Become Overtime Pay Threshold… Overnight

By Jarret Cummings    

Blog: Managers and Leaders: Are They the Same or Different?
By Joan Cheverie

Source: EDUCAUSE Review Blog