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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Read this Free eBook - Eliminate Nonessential Content | eLearning Industry

Take a closer peek at this complimentary eBook, Eliminate Nonessential Content below.

In this eBook by Patti Shank, PhD, we concentrate on five critical tactics to remove unnecessary words and content in order to make it content more learnable.

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Photo: Patti Shank
Patti Shank, PhD writes in the eBook, "The Make it Learnable series shows you how to apply key learning, writing, and information design principles to remove needless obstacles to learning and help people learn, retain, and apply needed information. This overview describes important points about the series, including the roadmap that the series follows."

Research shows that experts typically forget how hard it is to learn their area of expertise and may make incorrect assumptions about how to teach people about the topic. Many people who write instructional materials may not understand how adults learn, adding difficulty into the content.

The Make it Learnable  series follows a roadmap of how adults learn deeply (rather than simply recalling facts) so that they can apply what they have learned to real life situations and solve real life problems. 

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