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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Breaking the barriers of education with virtual classrooms | BrainCert Academy

Virtual classrooms stand poised to transform the way individuals and educational institutions go about content delivery. With the sustained interest displayed by tech developers and stakeholders alike, it is expected that in the not so distant future virtual classrooms would be the standard for worldwide content delivery.

"Gone are the days when a simple board meeting required the physical presence of all involved parties" summarizes BrainCert Academy.

A feat that is not only stressful to the participants but in most cases potentiates a drop in productivity, since they have to navigate from their distinct geographical locations to the venue of such events.

Welcome to the future where scheduled online classrooms, events and meetings are organized with the full participation of all relevant parties regardless of their geographical locations through the use of online virtual classrooms.

Even before the advent of such virtual communications tech, traditional methods of simultaneous global interaction such as conference calls and online streaming channels afforded organizations (and groups) the opportunity to interact with individuals in remote locations. The problem was that these routes of communication were most at times laced with inefficiencies. Virtual communication tech, improves on this traditional model by ridding the system of these inefficiencies and incorporating accessory tech features that allow for an endless possibility of uses. Perhaps the most applicable and widespread use of such virtual communications technology is its use in the scheduling of online virtual classrooms.

Virtual Classrooms 
A virtual classroom is a real-time simulation of an online learning environment. In such an environment (which could be web or software based), participants are fully immersed and communicate seamlessly with the teacher/instructor and other students, in the same way as they would in real life.
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