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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Know the Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning | Edgy Labs (blog)

AI is defined by many terms that crop up everywhere and are often used interchangeably. Read through to better know the difference between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

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Photo: Zayan Guedim
"Artificial Intelligence is, locally, a computer algorithm tasked with solving input problems based on accessible data and operational parameters, with respect to the amount of computational power available to the algorithm. More generally, AI is the name given to machine intelligence." inform Zayan Guedim, Author at Edgy Labs.

With the vast field of AI are specific concepts like machine learning and deep learning.

In the same way as Russian Matryoshka dolls where the small doll is nested inside the bigger one, each of the three segments (Deep Learning, ML and AI) is a subset of the other. Advances in these three technologies are already revolutionizing many aspects of modern life, and although very much related, they are not the same.

In this post, we’ll begin with the biggest doll “AI” and work our way down to the smallest.
Know the Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning:
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Source: Edgy Labs (blog)