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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Working Together To Close The Skills Gap | Training Magazine Network - White Paper

"Work looks completely different in 2017 than it did just a generation ago." inform Coursea for business.

Where we work looks different, how we work has changed, and the skills any given employee needs are evolving faster than we can keep up. 

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The pace of change has created a gap between the skills employees have right now and the skills they need to be successful. Deloitte researchers have highlighted this issue, pointing out the "declining half-life of skills critical to the 21st-century organization."  

Coursea for business writes in the conclusion, "The much-discussed “skills gap” says more about the direction the world is moving in than about a fundamental flaw among U.S. employees. As work environments and the technology that drives our work continue to evolve faster and faster, the skills gap isn’t something we need to close one time. It’s a moving target that employers, schools, and individuals will all keep running to meet. The specific technical skills and specializations that employers need among talent will continue to change, but companies, schools, and individuals who build a culture of lifelong, enthusiastic, supported learning will be best prepared to thrive."   
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Source: Training Magazine Network