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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Even Digital Natives Need to Learn 'Common-Sense' Tech Skills | Education Week

Today's elementary school students have grown up with devices, but they still need guidance and structure around tech use, writes Natalie Makulski, computer and STEM teacher at two elementary schools in Clarenceville School District in Livonia, Mich.

Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable

Teachers often overestimate students' ability to use technology. Students constantly have their devices in their hands to play games, interact with friends, watch YouTube videos, and complete homework assignments. Because they spend so much time with devices, students are thought to be technologically savvy. These interactions can be beneficial and help promote 21st-century learning skills, but they do not make students technology experts.

I teach computer classes at two elementary schools. This month, all students are learning how to wrap up a mouse cord instead of just throwing it in the box, making a huge, tangled mess. They're also learning about the consequences of spilling food and drinks on the keyboard...

Another misconception about using technology in the classroom is the idea that all teachers need to provide all students the same type of technology. Technology should be viewed like ice cream: Not all students are going to like the same flavor, and not all students are going to be engaged with the same technology.

When selecting a tool to use in the classroom, the teacher should always focus on its purpose.

Source: Education Week