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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

CoSector – University of London drives accessibility at the University of Roehampton | FE News

Blended and online learning are priorities for supporting the Roehampton’s diverse student population, as it often hosts assistive technology integrations such as JAWS, Zoomtext and Texthelp Read and Write, as FE News reports.  

Photo: FE News
Moodle was identified by the Digital Learning department as the most suitable platform for its needs, due to its clear and modern interface, but what was more important to the University was selecting a partner to implement and host the platform flexibly, supporting new integrations, and it was vital for the new vendor to prove it could improve on the static service currently provided.

CoSector – University of London was selected due to its reputation within the HE community for its versatility and its proven experience in providing all the services required.

CoSector – University of London provides a seamless on-boarding and flexible service for the online learning platform Moodle, in order to create an innovative learning experience to support the university’s diverse user base...

Clear results for students
The strategy and direction of the University is underpinned by the National Student Survey (NSS) and its results. This survey is the main indicator of the areas where the university needs to improve the quality of teaching, and the Digital Learning department follow the results closely to see how the services it has outsourced perform.

The results also correlate with the University’s own internal module evaluation surveys (MES) which they ask students to participate in twice a year. Whilst the NSS results do not measure the success of VLE within universities, the MES does, and the results of the MES often reflect those of NSS.
The results in the MES has improved in the last four years for the VLE. With the question ‘was your module in the VLE satisfactory’, the score has improved systematically in recent years...

The University of Roehampton has just reviewed and renewed its contract with CoSector – University of London, a process they worked closely on with their account manager, who was on hand to discuss any alterations they wished to make.

Xavier concludes: “we are pleased with the Moodle platform and the ongoing CoSector hosting service. We’ve felt constantly reassured by them. When you change host, you are taking a big risk. 

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Source: FE News