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Friday, February 21, 2020

Actuarial science applications soar on new post grad course | Pensions - Actuarial Post

A new postgraduate course, backed by industry and aimed at training the next generation of actuaries, has expanded in the past year in response to high demand from prospective students without mathematical qualifications by Actuarial Post.

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Barnett Waddingham has lauded the University of Strathclyde’s initiative in launching its Master of Science (MSc) programme in actuarial science, particularly for its industry collaboration and modernised approach to the syllabus.

Unlike many actuarial science degrees, students can join the course without having already undertaken a mathematical degree, holding instead more ‘diverse’ qualifications in a broad range of other increasingly relevant subjects, including engineering, chemistry, computer science and business studies...

“The actuarial profession is going through a period of enormous change and the need for diversity of thought within the profession has never been greater. It’s very important that future actuaries come from many different backgrounds so that businesses like ours can offer as broad a range of thinking as possible.”

Source: Actuarial Post