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Sunday, June 06, 2021

Millikin announces new Multimedia Communication degree program | Academic Admissions - Millikin University

New major to teach the art of storytelling, digital publishing and media production, inform  Dane Lisser, Director of Media Relations and Publications at Millikin University.

Photo: Millikin University

In today's multimedia age, it is essential for professional communicators to engage in all sides of the publishing process, crafting messages from the written word to web design, video and audio media to be an effective storyteller.

To help prepare creative multimedia professionals, Millikin University's College of Fine Arts is pleased to announce a new Multimedia Communication major, offered through the Arts Technology & Administration Department, that will allow students to use a multitude of platforms and technologies to creatively communicate to audiences. The new major will be offered starting in fall 2021.

Central to the Multimedia Communication major is the art of storytelling, digital publishing and media production. The major is grounded in theory and practice with multimedia production opportunities throughout...

Millikin's Multimedia Communication curriculum is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and technical expertise needed for a communication career in a media-driven world...

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Source: Millikin University