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Friday, November 28, 2008

Training and work - the role of ICT, eLearning Papers n° 11 (2008)

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This new issue of eLearning Papers encompasses articles that approach the topic of “Training and work”, presenting different reflections, innovative solutions and good practices on the use of ICTs in different contexts of learning and organizations.

Companies need to develop devices for flexible learning, but also integrated solutions, in order to consider all learning modes (formal, informal and non-formal) to respond to training needs.

In this context, the use of ICTs is an essential contribution to the learning environment. ICTs place individuals in the middle of the training process, but also develop real communities of learning and help to set up an innovative and enriched active pedagogy, based on a competence-based approach.

Microtraining as a support mechanism for informal learning
By Pieter De Vries and Stefan Brall

Enhancing patients’ employability through informal eLearning while at hospital
Holger Bienzle


Virtual action learning: What’s going on?
By Mollie Dickenson, Mike Pedler and John Burgoyne

Informal learning and the use of Web 2.0 within SME training strategies
By Ileana Hamburg and Timothy Hall

Need for the qualification of IT competences - the computer and internet Certificates (C2i)
By Francis Rogard and Gérard-Michel Cochard

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