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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Elephant In My Pocket 1.0 - Talking, Rhyming, Children's Ebook for iPad

Jolly Books has announced Elephant In My Pocket 1.0 for iPad, their talking, animated ebook about a girl named Suzy, who meets an elephant on her way to school. She decides to take the elephant with her, and the humorous story shows her struggle and determination as she attempts to accomplish this task.

Featuring memorable characterizations and illustrations, the ebook is written in rhyme, which in this context is both a pedagogical and literary technique. Rhyming acquaints young readers with the underlying structure and rhythm of language at the subconscious level, as they use the conscious part of their minds enjoying the narrative.

Elephant In My Pocket is fun from beginning to end. There are no telltale clues that any lessons are being taught, moral, linguistic, or otherwise. Children and adults will enjoy the book for the story, characters, voices, and dramatic conflict that produces humor. The rhyming is unforced, and the dialogue and narrative both flow naturally. Readers have the ability to set various features on/off: automatic page turning, music and effects, and reading the text aloud.

Feature Highlights: 

* Colorful, animated, ebook made especially for the iPad
* Optional features include: read text aloud, musical accompaniment, and automatic page turning
* A girl meets an elephant on her way to school, and attempts to bring him along
* Rhyming text helps children learn about words, sounds, and meaning
* A delightful story with each character speaking in their own voice

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Elephant In My Pocket 1.0 

About Jolly Books
Founded in 2008, Jolly Books, LLC is a partnership between the husband and wife team of Dustin and Maylissa Luby of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company is currently developing an iPad-based curriculum for schools, and collaborates with writers interested in children's literature and textbooks.

A new collection of electronic picture books for children of all ages unlike any series before it. Jolly Books are creative recordings of experiences we all face through our childhood years. This humorous collection is not only exciting for children to read but they spark young readers' imaginations. Off-the-wall story lines combined with everyday situations yield such comical conclusions that words sometimes fall off the page. Dynamic illustrations partnered with 'Childish' writing suggest it is not a descriptive word, but a language all its own.

Our love for laughs and unforgettable memories provide us with material to bring your child genuine laughter which reveals their innocence. We enjoy helping other parents share the precious moments that we share with our children and help to imprint joy on their hearts. We find it a tremendous honor to speak into children's lives with a new style and delivery for this generation and those to come. The heart of Jolly Books is to reassure each child that anything is possible.

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