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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Personalised lifelong learning and assessment: The future of training

David Wortley looks at how new technologies can impact on the future of assessment below.

Imagine a world in which you could learn what most suited your talents and interests and have a career which fully developed your potential through jobs that were ideally suited to your personality. It might sound like a fantasy but that could be the direction that immersive technologies such as video games, virtual worlds and social networks are taking us.

Adaptive learning and assessment

Screenshot from Neurosky Brainwave Visualiser

One of the skills of a good teacher is to develop a relationship with and understanding of his or her students and adapting the delivery of learning activities to suit their interests and capabilities. The larger the class size and the more diverse the students, the more difficult this kind of personalised attention to teaching becomes. Computer-assisted learning today has evolved from the simple digitised delivery of standard content in a 'one size fits all' mechanical process into something much more personalised and intelligent, with an increasing ability to adapt the content delivery to the individual student's needs.

Devices such as Neurosky's brainwave sensor headset, now developed as a consumer product for use with video games which train you mind to relax or concentrate, are representative of a new generation of sensors which can use data about our individual capabilities and preferences to adjust challenges to focus on the development of specific skills, building on strengths and tackling weaknesses.

These tools and technologies with the ability to develop and deliver this kind of adaptive and personalised learning are being developed and refined by the growing demand for immersive technologies across sectors outside of learning and development and being driven more by commercial interests than educational directives.

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About David Wortley
David Wortley is founder and CEO of Immersive Technology Strategies. He is a freelance consultant on the strategic use of immersive and emerging technologies such as serious games, virtual worlds and social networks. David is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) with a career which has embraced the converging and emerging technologies of telecommunications (Post Office Telecommunications), computing (IBM), digital media and community informatics (Mass Mitec, a rural SME) and the creative industries (De Montfort University Leicester, UK)

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