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Monday, November 21, 2011

Schools switch to mobile apps to solve maths problem by Jon Kennard

Jon Kennard writes in Learning technologies, "A new suite of smart phone apps has been launched to help students study maths. With over 17,000 downloads in the first year and a place in Apple’s ‘new and noteworthy’ list, schools are finding a new way to solve their maths problem."

Photo: Learning technologies
Educational publisher Collins has partnered with the UK elearning company Epic to create a new suite of Maths’ GCSE revision apps. They focus on numbers, statistics, algebra and geometry to cover the entire breadth of the national curriculum. The apps are already high in the iTunes download chart with interest expected to grow as exam time approaches.

The popularity of the new applications reflects the new learning methods of today’s teenagers. According to Nielsen, 79% of teenagers agree that the ‘first place they look is the internet’ when they need information. Over 50% of this age group now own smart phones with internet access and 38% of teens regularly download apps for their devices.