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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Ways to Tell if a Web Contest is a Scam

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The possibility of winning big keeps people signing up for online contests, despite the fact that many prove to be scams. Before you click that link and add your personal information to that form, here are some tips for spotting a scam contest.

Photo: High Speed Internet Deals   

1. Payment Required to Claim Prizes – Winners of legitimate contests or sweepstakes will never be required to pay a fee to receive their winnings. Service fees, processing charges or shipping and handling fees are all signs that a contest is fraudulent.

Falling victim to a contest scam is potentially devastating. The best case scenario is that your email inbox will be flooded with spam; the worst is money lost to fraudulent fees and even identity theft. Running a quick Google search with the name of the contest is another quick way of checking for legitimacy; scams will often return results for consumer alert sites and fraud watch services.

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