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Monday, February 06, 2012

50 Hidden Gems on Campuses Across America

Jasmine Hall has been in touch to reminds us about this published article below.

At first glance, your average college campus typically seems pretty innocuous: a dorm here, student union there, libraries, administration buildings, classrooms, regular things you’d expect to find at any school. But so many campuses are home to old mysteries, amazing books, carefully manicured gardens, and sometimes even ghost stories.

As students and faculty rush about their daily lives on campus, it’s certainly easy for all of these things to pass them by, but when given a second look or a moment of investigation, you may find that there’s a hidden gem that’s been there all along, just waiting to be discovered. Here, we’ll explore 50 amazing gems hidden among college campuses in the US, some of them secret, some mysterious, and some of them just simply underutilized.

University Lore


Just about every school has its own set of legends about unwritten graduation requirements, spooky stories no one can prove, and even little Easter eggs hidden about campus. We’ll explore just a few of them here.

1.  Hidden Owl, Columbia University:
In the center of Columbia University is the statue of Alma Mater, and in the folds of her robe you’ll find a hidden owl. Most who have found it won’t share its location, but that’s part of the fun: there are many legends about what happens if you find the owl on your own, including marrying a Barnard student and getting straight As.

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