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Monday, November 26, 2012

Math Tools in Action by Marco Ramirez and Chris Confer

Math Tools in Action is an exciting new DVD series that shows teachers in grades 1-5 how to use anchor charts, journals, and manipulatives to deepen and improve math instruction.

Photo: Stenhouse Publishers

Each DVD chronicles a complete lesson in a real classroom, with expert commentary and teaching tips before and during the lesson.
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Chris Confer & Marco Ramirez: Leveraging Change Through Mathematics

About the Authors

Chris Confer
Chris has a passion for both mathematics and teaching children. "My parents were both educators," she explains. "When I was seven years old, one of my favorite activities was playing school with my two-year-old brother Dickey, who amiably played student along with my stuffed animals and assorted toys. . . . And when I learned to love art as a high schooler, I longed to make beautiful bulletin boards, which is what I thought a teacher did. In reality, of course, teaching is very different. I love it.

Marco Ramirez
Marco Ramirez is an award-winning educator who has successfully transformed schools using mathematics as leverage for change. After working eighteen-hour days as a buyer and broker, Marco did some soul searching and realized that he wanted to have more time for family and a life outside of work. His wife, Julie, suggested that he work as a substitute teacher while returning to college.

Source: Stenhouse Publishers and Stenhouse Publishers Channel (YouTube)