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Monday, November 19, 2012

Webinar: Using Online Learning to Get More Students Back on the Right Path

Join K12 for this Webinar below.

From Struggle to Success: Using Online Learning to Get More Students Back on the Right Path

Tuesday, November 27th at 2:00PM ET

It started as a plan to address the needs of the large community of home-schooled students in Washington County, Utah. But it quickly expanded to a state-wide school with extra focus on under-performing students.

Today, Washington Online School serves a large population of students who were simply falling behind in a brick and mortar setting and needed the extra attention and focus that online learning provides. Washington Online also serves many students who are elite athletes focused on their training, who require flexible scheduling and pacing of coursework.

You’re invited to attend our webinar featuring Kellie Richin, a teacher for the Washington Online School.  During this 45-minute webinar, Mrs. Richin will discuss how the school has adapted elements of their online learning program to meet the needs of under-performing students, including hiring teachers with vans to carry computer equipment, and meeting with their students in person.

Kellie Richin will discuss these key elements of Washington Online's success:

  • Lessons learned from implementing an online school
  • Tactics for helping students who face test anxiety
  • Incentive programs to encourage students to engage and do their best
  • Demonstrated academic results from the program since induction