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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

NASA Education launches new Clubhouse for K-4 students

"NASA has launched a new section on its Kids’ Club website, with interact games for students in grades K-4; Texas schools are using an iPad app that lets students report bullying and other threats; and new research links participation in tech classes and industry certification exams with better high school attendance and achievement." reports Dennis Pierce, Editor.

Photo: NASA

A new room awaits kids on the NASA Kids’ Club website: The Clubhouse, accessible from the mission control console on the NASA Kids’ Club page (click on the center image of the space station), includes games and interactive features designed for K-4 students.
In the new Clubhouse, students can look through the porthole in the floor to see pictures of Earth taken from space; read about why NASA explores; play a game about what astronauts eat in space; discover what their age and weight would be on a moon or another planet; see color pictures of wildlife living on NASA centers; assemble a polygon featuring NASA aircraft; and check out the “hot spots” that come to life upon contact.

Source: eSchool News and NASA

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