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Sunday, June 09, 2013

EDUCAUSE Review Online Table of Contents -- May/June 2013

The annual EDUCAUSE Top-Ten IT Issues, one of the most enduringly popular EDUCAUSE publications, has just been released for 2013. What are this year's top IT issues, how do they compare with 2012, and what do they mean for IT leaders and colleges and universities?

Join EDUCAUSE Vice President Susan Grajek and three members of the IT leader research panel that identified and selected the 2013 top-ten list for a lively discussion of the issues and their implications.   

The CIO: Defining a Career for the Future 

IT professionals in higher education spend much of their time focusing on demand, resources, and constant change. The author suggests that they need to be investing more time in assessing, advancing, and defining their own careers.
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Geeks and Non-Geeks: From Contraxioms to Collaboration in Higher Education 

Technical and non-technical people—geeks and non-geeks—often have disproportionately negative experiences working together. They are thus avoiding each other at the moment when they most need to collaborate.
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Top-Ten IT Issues, 2013: Welcome to the Connected Age


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