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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

eSN Today: How to use digital resources to personalize blended learning

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Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor writes, "In today’s news, learn how to use digital resources to personalize blended learning. “All educators, all over the world, are struggling with this challenge of how to reach the learners we have in today’s schools,” said Ryan Imbriale, principal of Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts in Baltimore County Public Schools, during an edWeb webinar on digital learning".

Photo: eSchool News

Today’s students are used to having constant access to technology and digital resources in their personal lives, and harnessing the engaging power of such resources can boost blended learning success and help students create and thrive in personalized learning environments.

The goal is to ensure a learner-centered, personalized, blended environment powered by digital learning—one that is accessible anytime, anywhere, by everyone.

 “Teachers tend to teach like they were taught, and this is a huge issue” if high school graduates are expected to enter college and the workforce as globally competitive citizens, Imbriale said. If teachers are comfortable using digital resources and taking risks, students will reap the benefits. Higher education institutions must work to train teachers in this regard, as well.

Source: eSchool News