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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

3 powerful reasons why your kids should take music lessons

Photo: Gary and Joy Lundberg
Gary and Joy Lundberg, FamilyShare writes "Involving your children in learning music will open windows to a world that will bless their lives throughout adulthood. You may be surprised to find what it can do to improve their lives."

Learning to play an instrument or singing in a chorus can be significantly important in your children’s lives in more ways than you may have imagined. Review the following reasons, and see how your child could benefit.

Photo: FamilyShare
1. It brings a sense of belonging

Kids need friends, especially friends who are motivated to do something besides just hanging out. Playing in the school band or singing in the school choir brings an immediate pool of potential friends like this. It’s fun to be with friends who enjoy what you enjoy. Practicing and performing together creates a comradery. They have a common goal that binds them together. Kids in these activities often work together to help each other do their best. When one does well they all do better. This can develop a sense of caring about others.

In a CNN special Vince DeFoire, trumpet player in the band CAKE, said, “Our drummer, Paulo Baldi, for instance, lived in three states as a teenager (Colorado, New Mexico and Washington) while attending four different high schools. Joining the marching band in each unfamiliar place helped to connect his high school experience. He made friends through each transition, and it made comfortable what could have otherwise been an alienating experience.”

Source: FamilyShare

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