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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Current Site and App of the Week - October 15, 2014

 Current Site of the Week

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Laura Devaney, Managing Editor writes, "If you want to add engineering resources into your classroom instruction, check out this week's Site of the Week."

Connect students, teachers to engineering 

eGFI connected teachers with tools to help boost students’ math and science skills. It also includes resources around engineering and computer science. 

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The site features lesson plans, class activities, outreach programs, news, web resources, and more.

Lesson plans, activities, and outreach resources are arranged by grade level for easy location.

eGFI is managed by the American Society for Engineering Education, which aims to promote and enhance efforts to improve K-12 STEM and engineering education.

Apps of the Week

Busy bee storytellers 

App name: Reader Bee’s First Story Maker
What is it? The Honeycomb Keyboard lets young children see and write rhyming words (cat, hat, sat) and sight words (with, the, and, is) with one swipe through the letters, helping them learn to read as well as write.
Best for: Ages 5 and younger
Price: $0.99
Requirements: iOS 8.0 or later
Features: Kids can browse through dozens of fanciful pictures to inspire their tale-telling and jump-start their spelling. Once a picture of an octopus, a strawberry or a violin has been pulled into the story, tapping changes it magically into the spelled word ‘octopus’, ‘strawberry’ or ‘violin’. Even more surprising, type, “c a t” and pop – a cat will appear where that word was. Kids and grownups also can use the Honeycomb keyboard in many other iPad apps – email, notes, messages and more.

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Source: eSchool News