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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dance program helps girls boost math scores

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Stella Inger writes,  "It may look like they're playing games, but these girls are doing geometry. The combination is the brainchild of dancer, and MIT graduate, Kirin Sinha, who based her after school program 'Shine' on the theory of 'kinesthetic learning'."

 "This concept that by moving your body and using your brain simultaneously you're able to better retain information. I couldn't recite the periodic table, but I could still play piano pieces or do dances to moves that I learned years and years ago," said Kirin Sinha.

Dance program helps girls boost math scores 

The girls act out math problems using games and dance moves. They say the program created an almost 300 percent improvement in the math scores of girls and a 100 percent improvement in confidence. It's that change in attitude that Shinha believes may be key to inspiring girls everywhere to stick with STEM.

Source: KGUN9 and CNNMoney's Channel (YouTube)

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