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Friday, October 17, 2014

Development focus: Why e-Learning is far from boring

Photo: Mark Jones
Mark Jones, business development director at Unicorn Training writes, "By 2020, eLearning will make up 95 per cent of the learning market – that is the prediction of Craig Weiss, one of the world’s leading authorities on online learning."


His assertion is that face-to-face learning methodology has been the same for 400 years but in 20 years eLearning has transformed the learning space.

Yet if asked for their perception of eLearning, most advisers would probably have a similar response. The words “boring” “dull” and a “necessary evil” would likely feature heavily and with some justification, given firms’ traditional predominantly regulation-driven relationship with eLearning.

Most advisers’ experience of eLearning is mandatory compliance training; working through typically lifeless “click next” page-turner courses at your desk, courses you just want to get finished as quickly as possible, pass the test and get back to work. 

Yet when you consider how online people’s everyday lives have become, isn’t it common sense that professional development is taking the same course?

eLearning is now a catch-all phrase for the online platforms, tools, Apps and courses that can help advisers and firms not just tick the compulsory regulatory boxes but do so as part of a whole managed career and business development opportunity.

Source: Money Marketing

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