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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Art in the life of mathematicians, edited by Anna Kepes Szemerédi, ELTE, Budapest, Hungary

Mathematicians reflect on the roles that mathematics and art have played in their lives. - The book has been in the works for some years and will soon be published.

Table of Contents

Photo: Anna Kepes Szemerédi
Anna Kepes Szemerédi writes in the preface: "The idea for this collection was born in 2010, when I organized an exhibition, entitled “Art in the World of Mathematicians,” for the 70th birthday of my husband, Endre Szemerédi."

The exhibition’s theme of “mathematics and art” generated such great public interest, from mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike, that I decided to

create a book gathering the writings of mathematicians on art. 

The book will be published by the American Mathematical Society. Not yet published. Expected publication date is June 26, 2015. 

Source: American Mathematical Society

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