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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Engineering Women: Are they Returning to Work?

The aim is to celebrate the work that women do in engineering, and to showcase the great engineering careers that are available for girls.

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23 June 2015 (National Women in Engineering Day)

We are calling on all groups (Governmental, educational, corporate, Professional Engineering Institutions, individuals and other organisations) to organise their own events in support of the day, and link them together for maximum impact through the use of the NWED logo, corresponding website, supporting resources and twitter @nwed2015 #nwed. 

The Women's Engineering Society 2015 conference is focusing on the theme of women returning to engineering. It has been estimated that 22,000 qualified women have not returned to the engineering sector after a career or maternity break, and these are skills that we can ill afford to lose when we face such a massive skills gap in the coming years. 

Not only are we losing out on these skills in engineering - skills that are often enhanced in many ways during the breaks - but we are failing to utilise the links that these women have with their local communities, schools, and other parents/influencers. With a bit of thought, organisation and encouragement we could mobilise this untapped resource and either reintroduce these skilled women to the engineering sector, or use them as ambassadors for our profession in other ways. 

This conference explores the opportunities and some of the best practices that are out there to access and utilise this neglected resource.

Source: Women's Engineering Society

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