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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Unsung Hero: Baldwin Piano and Organ Center

"A local business is giving the gift of music to organizations in need through a piano give-away program." continues WSIL TV.

Turning notes on paper, into a tune we hear is an art that takes dedication.

Playing the piano can sometimes be expensive too. That's where Baldwin Piano and Organ Center in Herrin comes in. "We have kids who know how to play the piano and don't have one," said Marketing and Sales Director at Baldwin Piano Tammy Gwaltney, "Or kids who have always wanted to play the piano and just don't have access to that. So It was a pretty easy marriage. We had the product, they had the need, and we put them together."

When Tammy Gwaltney started working at the piano store in April, she asked owner Bruce Steh if she could start a give away with some of the used pianos at the store.  

Bruce was eager to help others and told Tammy to go ahead with her idea.

In just a couple of months, they've donated more than a dozen pianos to various organizations in need such as T.M.A.D. youth center in Herrin.

"They were very excited," remembers T.M.A.D. Executive Director Julia Jordan, "Immediately the ones that have that gift of being able to play the piano or being interested in playing the piano were drawn to it they went to it they sat down they started playing it. It was great."  

Tammy says the response has been overwhelming from churches, senior centers, schools and even day cares..

"We know that kids who learn to play music or sing, often perform better academically in school in all other subject areas. So we're happy to be a small part of keeping that going."
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Source: WSIL TV