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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Role of Success Coaches and Blended Learning in Boosting Learning Independence

Photo: Charles Carver
Charles Carver, Principal at Nexus Academy of Lansing writes, "The personalized learning movement is profoundly changing the landscape of education. In all corners of the country and countless places in between, we are seeing blended learning schools open up in larger numbers each year. The value of high quality academic content delivered in a very 21st century and digital way combined with guided support and help from face to face teachers and academic coaches is resonating in schools and also at the dining room table."

At Nexus Academy of Lansing, we employ a very special group of staff members known as Success Coaches. Our Success Coaches are certified teachers who work with their students every single day, but are not delivering any one content specialty. They are guiding discussion, overseeing academic research, providing daily college and career readiness activities, and acting as each student's go to mentor and advocate.

The Success Coaches and their students spend significant amounts of time on soft skills, such as resume building, time management, decision making activities, and countless other skills they will need sharpened as they prepare to enter college and the workforce. The student and Success Coach relationship is the bedrock of a Nexus Academy of Lansing education. They are creating GenDIY learners and adults through their daily interactions and support. Students who have graduated from our school come back and tell us that due to the nature of our school and model, they are faring very well in the college setting at being able to manage their time, balancing a heavy academic load, and also feeling very comfortable advocating for themselves with their professors. With the ongoing shift to various digital systems at the collegiate level, our former students also feel overwhelmingly prepared to handle those mediums.