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Sunday, May 07, 2017

How can I motivate my learners? | Adobe eLearning Community - blog - Allen Partridge

Photo: Allen Partridge
"A friend, Thomas, wrote me this morning asking this question – how can I motivate my learners? It’s an incredibly universal question." says Allen Partridge, Group Technology Evangelist.

One that I have thought about quite a bit. I thought others might enjoy reading my reply – and it might make for an excellent conversation starter. It’s worth noting that we were talking about motivation in the specific context of learners using Adobe’s LMS (Adobe Captivate Prime.)
Below you’ll find my response:

1. Communicate relevance: 
Use the announcement system to invite people to explore a bit of content that benefits them. For example – a course designed to boost sales, or a common tech problem explained, perhaps some particularly video heavy or short form piece to start. You can also use alternative company channels to communicate the purpose / relevance of the training-  market your initiative based on it’s alignment to the company business objectives. Don’t be shy about branding it, and explaining how the project can help the organization meet important goals.

Source: Adobe eLearning Community