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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Student Success: Mission Critical | EDUCAUSE Review

If students don't succeed, colleges and universities don't succeed. Our full attention must be concentrated on the mission-critical goal of helping students define—and meet—their educational goals.

Here's another very interesting article from EDUCAUSE Review, by Kevin Kruger, Rebecca Martin, George L. Mehaffy, and John O'Brien.  

EDUCAUSE serves a tremendously wide range of colleges and universities, nearly 2,000 from 45 countries. Many sustain crucial and substantial research efforts, and some have created unique programs that are focused on the external communities they serve. Some are open-access institutions, and others are highly selective. Regardless of the mix, the teaching and learning enterprise is a basic element of their mission, and in turn, the success of our students is undeniably at the heart of the work of higher education. And even (or especially) when we are most preoccupied with our day-to-day activities, we can benefit from concentrating on why we are doing all this hard work. The reason, of course, is to help students define and meet their educational goals. As we strive to tackle the challenges of our daily work, we must also make sure this work advances the societal mission of all our institutions: educating students, a mission more critical than ever before—and more scrutinized by others.

To kick off our discussion of student success, we invited perspectives from colleagues at associations that represent leaders in various areas of higher education. We wanted to hear how their constituencies approach this core institutional issue. What does student success mean for their members? What major facets of student success are they trying to identify? What strategies are they prioritizing to address student success? From the perspective of their members, what role should technology play in the future of student success? If they could change one thing in the landscape for student success nationally, what might that be?

Below are three essays about student success from Kevin Kruger of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA), Rebecca Martin of the National Association of System Heads (NASH), and George L. Mehaffy of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)—followed by thoughts from EDUCAUSE President and CEO John O'Brien. 
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Source: EDUCAUSE Review